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123 HP Officejet Printers

123 HP Printers manufactured special 123.hp.com/oj Printer setup for Office use and these aim mostly on office use. The 123 HP Officejet printers provide efficient printing and copying along with faxing and can be used both for small scale and large scale business. These are also sometimes used for office but are mostly preferred for business. These are available in different sizes and can be chosen depending on the customer’s needs space available. The features of 123.hp.com/setup oj Printers are similar to HP Envy printers but concentrate more on copying and faxing features. Some of the common features are:

  • Multi-functional printers – 123 HP wants to be a one stop solution for its customer needs and hence provides all digital functioning (printing, scanning, fax, and copying) in a single 123 hp printer.
  • Cost efficient Ink cartridges – HP provides exclusive Instant Ink cartridges for its printer products and these cartridges use less amount of ink (comparatively) and produce high definition prints. HP Officejet printers use less ink to print and copy.
  • HD Digital prints – 123 HP Officejet printers allow the users to print office envelopes, covers and letter pads.
  • Specialized paper trays – The 123 HP officejet printers have paper input trays with paper alignment guidelines. This makes printing on envelope easy.

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123 HP Officejet - Mode of connectivity and setups

HP also concentrates on connectivity development and has implemented great features in its products. These features enable the employee to print or connect to the 123.hp.com/officejet Printers from anywhere inside the office and these include:

  • Wired/wireless connection – the most conventional method of connecting the printer to the device or network with wire or through wireless Wi-Fi connection.
  • HP has designed an exclusive mobile App for Android smart phones to connect to the HP printers.
  • AirPrint – Exclusive wireless connection for iOS Apple devices. Any iOS device can be connected to the 123.hp.com/officejet printers wireless with this feature and you can print directly from the device.

HP also provides exclusive accessibility features to print from any device when the printer is connected wireless to the network which makes printing at work easy and fun.

  • ePrint – ePrint is a feature which enables the user to print from anywhere just by sending email to the printer directly.
  • Google Cloud print – The user can print directly from any device using Google chrome by enabling Google Cloud print option from the Chrome browser.