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123 HP Printer Services

123 HP Support is a team of experts offering technical support for your 123.hp.com HP printer setup. We provide support for the initial set up of your 123 HP printer. And, 123.hp.com/setup hp driver download installation process. Our team of experienced professionals assists you throughout the process of installation. Stuck with any of the processes? Give us a call, let our experts help you with the solution.

  • 123 HP Printer Setup without CD
  • 123 HP Driver Download for Windows
  • 123 HP Driver Download for Mac
  • 123 HP Scanning Software Installation
  • 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup
  • 123 HP Mobile Print Setup

123.hp.com/envy printer setup and install


123HP Envy printers are all-in-one printer models for home and small business purpose. Our experts provide technical help for your 123 HP Envy printer models. We assist you with unboxing your 123.hp.com/envy printer, installing and updating the  hp firmware of 123 HP Setup Envy printer support. We also assist you for betterment of performance.

123 hp com/officejet printer setup


123HP have designed 123 HP Officejet printers for smart office purpose. It enables you to print from your smartphones. There are many models available depending on 123.hp.com/oj features. Facing trouble with installation or wireless connectivity process? Give us a call and let our experts assist you with fixing the issues.

123.hp.com/officejet pro setup and install


123HP Officejet pro printers are similar versions of 123HP Officejet for larger business. 123.hp.com/ojpro printers used for wireless printing, and Mobile Printing. Our experts are here to assist you with 123 hp ojpro printer set up to firmware up-gradation process. Give a call and fix the printer installation issues.

123.hp.com/deskjet printer setup and install


HP DeskJet printers are cheaper and compact in size. 123.hp.com/dj launched 123 HP Deskjet Printers only for home purpose. 123HP Deskjet printers are the best choice for small scale, yet high quality printing. Our experts assist you with issues from initial printer setup. And support for installing driver, wireless protected setup firmware update process. Give us a Call.

Most problem we fix

There are some common problems occur with 123 hp printer. We have listed few common troubleshooting issues with HP Printers. Our team of experts provide professional help in fixing them. 123.hp.com printer issues listed based on the user experience. Troubleshooting issues when left unattended, affects the performance of your HP Printer. Our professionals aim at providing a one-time fix for the issue. Such few issues are:

  • 123 HP Printer Wireless connection – First Time connection
  • Stability of the 123 HP Printer connection
  • ePrint setup and printer troubleshoot
  • AirPrint – Printer Connection error and Printer not found
  • 123 HP Software/Driver updates and troubleshooting
  • HP Firmware up-gradation

List of Printer Issues

Depending on HP printer model, the issues recurring differs as the features varies. But, there are few printers common errors that recur irrespective of the 123.hp.com HP Printer model. Some of such common recurring error categories are:

  • 123 HP Printer Setup wizard and installations
  • HP Printer Printing
  • 123 HP Printer Wireless connection
  • Ink or toner, Paper jam
  • 123.hp.com/setup scanning software
  • Error message
  • HP Printer Fax
  • HP Printer Copy
  • 123 HP Software and apps from 123.hp.com/setup

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Setup and installation:

The HP set-up process begins from unboxing. And, connecting your HP Printer to many devices. It can be either through hard wire or through wireless setup. The initial printer set-up needs software and driver installation to the devices connected.


Once you connect the devices, the sole purpose of the HP Printer is to print the pages as expected or mentioned. This includes page set-up both in the HP Printer and the systems connected to it. The right page set-up yields cost-effective results

Wireless connection:

The important part in installing a hp printer is the wireless connection. It requires extra care and support. This includes connecting the devices to your 123HP Printer through Wireless network.


The basic and initial setup of the HP printer scanner to the device. It is usually delay by the error “Scanner not found”. It can rectified with our expert support.


We assist you with the fax enabled 123.hp.com Printer setup to the devices. Connecting printers fax to the other devices through hard-wire or wireless setup. We care till the faxing of your document is successful.


HP Printers enables copy option for business purpose. 123.hp.com/setup process includes enabling the copy feature, and the basic settings. Our experts install basic driver and required software.

Software and apps:

Every device requires a basic software for hassle-free work. 123 HP offers a one-stop solution only for 123HP printer setup. Software and apps includes installation of drivers, firmware, and mobile applications.

Error message:

Any machine shows some error during the working process. The HP Printers also throw some errors. 123HP Support has listed common error messages. Which occur during the Printer Setup process.

Ink or toner, Paper jam:
This section includes complete information on:

  • Ink or toner refilling process
  • Toner related error messages
  • The troubleshooting steps for the most common problem with any HP printer Paper Jam.

Why Choose 123 HP Support ?

Professional Staff :

123 HP support is a team of professional experts providing support for all HP Printer models. Any issue from Initial set up to firmware up-gradation, our team is here to support you throughout.

Quick Responce :

Why wait to tell someone your issue rather than getting a solution at one click? We aim at spontaneous response as we never keep our clients waiting. We assure you timely and quality response for any of your queries, issues related to HP Printers.

Essential Solution :

Solution is a long term fix rather than a one-time fix. Our professionals assist you with a solution for the current issue. They also guide you with expert advice to avoid the recurrence and for betterment.

hp.com/123 setup printer install support

Elegant Approach:

123.hp.com/setup aims at providing the right solution for your issue – nothing less, something more. Why stop with solution when you can get expert advice for a long term run? Our experienced tech experts offer you the best solution at nominal pricing.

123.hp.com Provide Solutions For ?

Wireless Setup

123 HP support provides technical help for initial wireless setup and future errors. We also assist the user to connect their printer to a wireless network and to the. Only connection is not enough for efficient working. That is why our experts assist you with stabilizing the connection.

Airprint Setup

AirPrint is a feature provided by HP only for connecting Apple iOS devices. We provide help with initial setup of the AirPrint feature. We also do troubleshooting for any error that occur during the process. We also provide suggestions for betterment of the connection to your Apple devices.

Cloud print Setup

Cloud print is a feature that enables you to connect your Google cloud to your HP printer. Print document or photo from any device connected to the wireless network. Our experts assist you with setting up of your own Cloud account (if requires), and print process.

ePrint Setup

ePrint feature in the HP printer enables you to set up an e-mail address only for your HP Printer. You can print on a click by sending a mail. 123.hp.com/setup Printer provides support for this initial set up process. We also troubleshoot any error message that occurs during the process.

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup

123 HP Wireless Setup wizard

You can connect almost every HP Printer model to the wireless network. The wireless setup wizard pops up on initiating the wireless connection. Sometimes, there might be some error in the auto-run process and we need to do it. 123HP support provides the troubleshooting steps for the common error “Printer not found”. Our experts can rectify this by providing the simple steps over the call.

123 HP Wireless Protected Setup

WPS is a feature which enables the HP Printer to connect only to specific devices. It surpasses the grid with the specific, pre-defined passcode. 123 HP Support provides support in setting up the WPS passcode. We assist you with troubleshooting the errors “Printer not found”, “Printer is offline”. Our team of experts provide basic steps for troubleshooting these errors . Our experts can rectify these errors in a jiffy .

123 HP Auto Wireless Connect

Auto Wireless connect feature enables automatic connection of HP printer to the wireless. Set up the wireless once, and let the device connect to the wireless. Our experts provide complete help in downloading the required software. We help you with connecting your HP Printer to a specific wireless network. Once this feature is on, you don’t have to connect your printer to the wireless network every time needed.

123 HP Connect using USB

Connecting the HP Printer to a device through USB cable is the classic mode of connectivity. But, there are chances that you may face an error during this process. It requires the driver to the installed to the device connected to the printer. Our experts provide technical help with the basic driver installation. We troubleshoot any errors throughout the process of installation. We also provide the required software for the driver installation.

Provide platform support?


123 HP support provides technical help for all devices which supports Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10). 123 HP Support provides help in connecting the printer to a device. We also provide help with other functions like Scanning, Copying and Faxing.


Our experts provide help with initial setup of HP printer to a MAC iOS device. We provide technical help on connectivity, printing, scanning, faxing, copying, and AirPrint feature. We enable your HP printer for betterment by installing the right driver to your iOS devices.


You can connect most of the HP Printers to the smartphones with the exclusive HP app. We provide support for connecting the printer to any smartphone (Android, and iOS). We provide Mobile App help to fix errors during driver installation, setup process. We also provide expert advice for better performance of your HP Printers.


With vast technology available most of the people use Kindle device for reading. Now, you can connect your kindle devices to your printers and print your favorite verse or page. Our experts assist you with connecting the kindle device to your www.support.hp.com HP printer.

Instructions for HP Printer Setting

Common Instruction for HP Printer Duplex printing

Most of the HP printers come with Duplex printing. When the user tries to print a file, some models opt for duplex printing (printing on both sides) . When duplex is not on by default, you can follow the below instructions for enabling duplex.

  • Step 1: Open the document you want to print. Click File then print or press Windows + P.
  • Step 2: Select the name of the printer and click Preferences or Properties.
  • Step 3: Select “Print on both sides” or “Two-sided printing” option.
  • Step 4: Click Ok. The printer will pull back the printed page and print on the second side is we enable the duplex printing.
  • Step 5: If not, load the one-side printed pages back into the main input tray.
  • Step 6: Click Ok and print on the other side of the page.
Common Instruction for HP Printer Ink Cartridge Installation

The steps for installing a new cartridge or replacing the old one is the same for all HP printer models. Follow the below common steps for the cartridge replacement.

  • Step 1: Turn your HP printer ON and open the cartridge access door.
  • Step 2: Wait till the ink cartridge rests and is silent.
  • Step 3: Remove the plastic tape from the sides of the new cartridge.
  • Step 4: hold the cartridge and remove it from the slot. Place the new cartridge into the slot and slide or press it until it fits in and you hear the ‘click’ sound.
  • Step 5: Close the cartridge door and print a test page.

Note: The 123 HP Printer will print the alignment page automatically. If not print the alignment page manually.


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